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  • "The Bottom Line: Vince Flynn fans will adore this hugely satisfying action thriller about the redemption of an ex-CIA operative in the badlands of Mexico."  Bestthrillers.com

  • "If you enjoy really well written books with fantastic story lines, this is one for you. I enjoyed every moment."  Kathryn Bennett Readers Favorite

  • Runner up in the 2015 Clive Cussler Adventure writers competition

  • "James Garmisch has written a stunning, action packed blockbuster. If you like the Jack Ryan type of character, you will love Evan Hernandez and his big Scottish mate, Roger. Great characters."  Jacob Carlisle, Author

  •  "Silver Lead and Dead is not just heart-stopping thriller action at its best: it holds social, political, and law enforcement insights throughout and weaves the lives of its characters into the overall death throes of a system at odds with life itself." (D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review)

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 What is Silver Lead and Dead?


Mexico is collapsing under the weight of the drug cartels’ murderous struggle to dominate the international drug trade. While on a mission to rescue a kidnapped family friend, ex-CIA agent Evan Hernandez stumbles into a conflict between two other deadly forces: an ambitious cartel leader with a desire to reshape Mexico, and Dark Cloud, a government-sponsored mercenary outfit run by an ex-CIA agent from Evan’s past. Dark Cloud’s mission: to create a vacuum of power and control the remaining crime syndicates. Evan finds himself immersed once again into a life he knows too well—the same life of deceit and danger that has already cost him his family.


Silver Lead and Dead
By James Garmisch

One Dollar from each copy of Silver Lead and Dead will go to the A21 campaign to fight Human trafficking.